sunnuntai 18. lokakuuta 2015

Thoughts inspired the documentary “Becoming me”

Blogs are very common these days especially among young women. Usually these blogs are about fashion, eating and feelings. But why is it that those three are the main topics?

Maybe it is because there are three kinds of girls in this world. There are the ones who have their life together both mentally and financially. They have money to embrace the consuming culture which can bring part-time joy to anyone´s life.

There are also the ones who have lost the control of their lives or are being pushed down for example by advertising. These girls usually find comfort by controlling their weight and eating. Last but not least there are girls who are not able to enjoy almost anything and for whom life is real struggle every day.

Or are these the molds we have been told to choose between? Since birth we´re told to be pretty, we shouldn´t tell what we really think and should hide what´s happening inside of our head. Some of us are being blamed for even living.

Of course there are different kinds of girls. Everyone is individual. But what I would want is that those ready-made molds should be tossed away and everyone was let find out what they are by themselves.

Nia Laitinen ING14

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