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A musician with a message

These days the rap culture is swarming with songs that are meaningless. A song about flashy cars and fancy houses is something everyone seems to be doing. Then again, it is quite understandable. Most artists are after the money, and to sell records you don´t need to be a lyrical genius. If it's not broken, don´t fix it.

Although, there is an exception. Kendrick Lamar, a Los Angeles based rap artist, is arguably one of the most influential musicians right now. His most notable work is his songs against discrimination. In his songs he stands for the African-American people, as he feels that discrimination still exists in the USA. He takes examples from racism in the past, like apartheid in South Africa. Kendrick can really have an influence on matters such as discrimination now that his songs are topping the charts all over the States.

What is more, his songs are also appreciated on a far more critical front. This year he made the headlines as he made a record number of Grammy nominations for a rap artist, falling only one short of the all time nomination record of Michael Jackson. In an interview Kendrick showed the great trait of modesty, as he said that he didn't even want to beat the legendary Jackson.

My reaction to Kendrick's work is positive. I always appreciate people who strive to make the world a better place. Also, he is a great role model for kids, as fighting for the rights of his people is really admirable. To add on, he has showed that with hard work and dedication anyone can succeed. Kendrick, for one, sure has come a long way from the lowly hood of Compton, California.

Tommi Sikanen

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